Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blink 182: Down: Medium: Success

Notice how quickly you get stars on Medium VS. Easy. It's considerably quicker.

Download Here,

Or you can subscribe with iTunes or a podcatcher of your choice at this link.

Enjoy, as always.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Green Day - 21 Guns (Success)

This is my first attempt at this song.

I wanted to see how well I did without overdrive. I got three stars without it, I maybe would've gotten four if I had activated it. I've tried bass on expert before (not on this song), and it wasn't extremely difficult, so maybe I might try on this one.

Please also note that Audio Hijack was being a bit stupid in the beginning. It tries to eliminate all silence in the recording such as load times and such, that's what I enabled this option for. So when I record it'll skip the load times and whatnot. Unfortunately, in the beginning of this song there's a few gaps in the sustained notes, so Audio Hijack takes it as silence and the note in the recording is shorter than it should be.

But with all that aside, enjoy it anyway. :D.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rock Band samples go multiplayer

Today I had an opportunity to record three multiplayer Rock Band samples. There were three of us, technically four, but three of us playing, and we played My Own Worst Enemy, Eye of the Tiger, also known as Eye of the "Tigger", and That's what you Get.

So without further adue, here's the download links for these wonderful (Not) samples. Okay, they're wonderful enough, but they aren't masterpieces.

Paramore - That's what you Get

Performed by Musicman2004 on Expert Guitar, his sister on drums and Orin on bass.

Lit - My Own Worst Enemy

Performed, once again, by Musicman, also killer_beast_56
on Expert Guitar, Orin on bass and Musicman's sister on drums.

Surviver - Eye of the Tiger (Tigger)

Performed by the same people. Do I honestly have to say it again?

Enjoy them, and stuff.


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